Soda Gun Jetter FAQ:


  • How do I know how many systems I will need?   In most cases you only need 1 Soda Gun Jetter per bar.  Our SGT-100 will clean up to 2 soda guns per bar, and our SGT-200 will clean up to 4 soda guns per bar. Example- If your Tiki bar has 2 soda guns, your main bar has 3 soda guns and your service bar has 1 soda gun, you would need (2) SGT-100’s and (1) SGT-200. The price is NOT per soda gun.
  • Can I have my local beverage company or contractor install the Soda Gun Jetter? Absolutely! The Soda Gun Jetter system comes as a kit and includes everything you need to install, right down to the tie wraps and screws. Check out our installation video on our web page or You tube. Our support staff is also available to assist with installation advice via phone, skype, or facetime.
  • Do you offer factory Installation? Yes, please call or email us for pricing. Factory installation is not available in all areas.
  • I rent my soda guns, will the soda company allow me to have the Soda Gun Jetter? We do not make any changes or adjustments to your soda guns. We only replace the soda gun holster with our proprietary soda gun holster. In-fact we suspect equipment suppliers love the Soda Gun Jetter as it ensures their product is being served at its highest quality, it also reduces the amount of service calls they see from dirty soda guns.
  • Is the Soda Gun Jetter approved by the health department? NSF International Certifies that the Soda Gun Jetter conforms to the requirements of NSF/ANSI Standard 18-Manual Food and Beverage Dispensing Equipment. This certification is your assurance that the Soda Gun Jetter has been tested by one of the most respected independent certification organizations in existence today. It is valued by consumers, manufacturers, retailers and regulatory agencies worldwide.
  • What are the electrical requirements? 110V GFCI protected outlet within 6’ of the Soda Gun Jetter Control box location.
  • What are the plumbing requirements? The Soda Gun Jetter is listed as a component to the soda gun, we tap off the cold water line of your existing soda guns. No plumber is required. Proper drainage within 10’ of each soda gun.
  • What does the maintenance and support service include? Our support staff will work with you on the phone, skype, or facetime to determine the fastest solution to get your system back up and running. We have designed every Soda Gun Jetter control unit with a water shut off, and quick disconnect fittings for easy removal. Should the need ever arise to send the system back for repairs. A quick disconnect tool (although not required to disconnect the fittings) has been provided with every Soda Gun Jetter System.   No on-site maintenance is included or necessary. See the warranty under our downloads section for full details.
  • Do you offer an extended warranty? Yes, our extended Maintenance and Support Warranty is available for as low as $59 per year.