Your favorite rappers’ strip club is dirty as hell. Magic City has reportedly failed a health inspection with a score of 54.

The strip club that Future once made a song about is looking anything but magical right now.
AJC reports:

Magic City received a score of 54 on Tuesday after inspectors noted no soap or paper towels at the bar hand sink and improperly washed dishes, according to the report.
A health inspector also noted “severe” build up of debris on the soda gun and moldy sour cream.
Magic City provides bottle service, an extensive drink menu and a lunch and dinner food menu, including chicken wings and burgers.

So, this pretty much means any chaser that people have been drinking with their Ciroc or Hennessy has been contaminated. This also means that the wings and fried fish in there just might kill you on any given night.

Realistically, this shouldn’t effect Magic City too bad. After all, who really goes to strip clubs for the food anyway? Maybe people who used to read Playboy for the articles.